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Read the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7) comment on what it tells you about Christianity.

Read the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7) comment on what it tells you about Christianity. Stained glass at St John the Baptist's Anglican Ch...In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus covers many topics concerning the life to lead and salvation. In Matthew 5-7, he lays out what will later become the basics of Christianity. Jesus' teachings are very metaphorical and hard to find true meaning. I may be taking some of this too literally but, I found it very hard to follow. This is supposedly Jesus talking, yet he says one thing and then totally shoots it down in the next part. For the most part, I see that it is about obeying God and living a morally good life. What this passage tells me about Christianity is that it is no more than faith. "I tell you, then, that you will be able to enter the Kingdom of heaven only if you are more faithful than the teachers of the Law and the Pharisees in doing what God requires."(Matthew 5. 20)Much of Matthew 5 seems to be about the golden rule. Jesus conveys that what you door don't do, God will or will not do to you. Jesus speaks of rewards very often and that seems to be the underlying meaning of his sermon. He repeats that if you do this or that then you will or will not be rewarded by God. Throughout the sermon, Jesus seems to focus on the rewards as opposed to the acts of goodness, and this seems to be what God doesn't want. But Jesus later speaks of doing good deeds in private so not to be doing it for the reward you get, but out of the goodness of your heart. It is beyond me how he could say that after reading up to that point.From what I have gathered in this sermon, humans are held very high. "You...

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W3 DQs Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

W3 DQs - Assignment Example China has viewed Taiwan leaders as stubborn although this was not a difficult demand to fulfill, and had considered war on the region as a means of ending the crisis. Once war is accepted as the only solution with respect to this crisis, respect for the majority of citizens in both China and Taiwan are at risk and more so, laws on peace and human rights violations. Offensive trial missiles by both China and Taiwan are arguably among the key attempts to spur out war. This show of military and missile supremacy where each country does so close to the boarders of the other is considered provocative. It is obvious that there is a Despite the numerous suggestions of solutions to this problem, there is continued defiance from both parties. The disarmament law that was formulated after the First World War, which tries to discourage mass accumulation of arms and possibilities of occurrence of war, is at stake. Despite the efforts that the United States has put in to resolve the Taiwan status peacefully, there still exist the challenge posed by international events and political developments in Taipei and Beijing. Not only has these events and developments jeopardized US efforts, but also it has created fresh tension between the US and China as well as Taiwan and the mainland. With a strong economic bond, that joins Taiwan and the mainland, resolving the Taiwan status through war would be the last option for both parties. Romberg has reported increased economic interaction between mainland and Taiwan. Political development in Beijing is traced back in 1996, during the Chinese military exercises and missile tests (Miskel, 4). These tests proved to be unusually close to Taiwan. The tests also seemed to be a show of naval and air operations that China would presumably employ in an invasion of Taiwan. (Romberg, 5) On its part, Taipei is said to have made necessary preparation for possible attacks from the mainland.

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Operation Management - Service vs Product Output Essay

Operation Management - Service vs Product Output - Essay Example Menu: the menu provides a large array of food items, beverages, ice creams and other delicious items that are highly sought after. Franchise based Model: McDonalds follows the franchise based model. In such model, the main outlets are being outsourced and small percentages of the franchise are directly owned by the parent company. Customer segregation: Their food articles target and attract the teenagers, mid twenties mostly. For children there are special packages that are heart favorite amongst the kids. Various meals are provided in form of happy meal, jumbo deal and various other offers which target and fulfill the requirements of various cadres of the fast food eating people. Pricing: Pricing plays an important role in attracting the clients towards itself. McDonalds has always aimed at providing the services in the most reasonable rates, and probably this is one of the major reasons it has attracted large number of customers towards itself throughout its history. Promotion: Promotion and proper advertisement holds the key towards the success or failure of any service or product. McDonalds is no exception in this regard and it is fully aware of the challenges and the need of promotion. For this purpose it is in the front row every time there is need for promotion. All over the roads where ever their franchise are based, we see their logos, advertisement banners, billboards informing the customers about the new services. Market research: market research is an essential part of any successful project and service. No service can be successful without proper market research. The market research enables getting to know the opinion and wish list of the customers. Knowing what the customers want, what is their priority, all lead up to effective marketing and branding policies. Targeting various customers bench, various products and offers are introduced. Keeping in

Applications and Development of Catalyst for the Synthesis of Highly Research Proposal

Applications and Development of Catalyst for the Synthesis of Highly Functional Organic Carbonates - Research Proposal Example The negative effects can also be minimized through production of synthetic polymers which are biodegradable or easy to recycle. Carbon as important industrial raw material is predominantly sourced from fossil sources of energy while plastic synthesis accounts for about seven percent of oil usage in the whole world. The future of fossil energy is not promising and as such need for other routes like biorenewable energy sources and biodegradable polymers. The world is also producing around 150M tons of plastic per year, America alone carries the burden of 30M tons which in landfills or get incinerated on our soils per year. This increases need for easy to recycle and biologically degradable polymers; they are valuable as they pose less adverse environmental effects. It is thus important to study progress on development of more environment friendly polymers and more especially those from renewable sources. To protect the environment through development and application of procedures which enable production of more biologically safe polymers and reduce dependence on fossil fuels as the source of industrial carbon. The study requires a lot of chemical reagents such as the catalysts and precursors which require a good budget and thus financial constraints might pose a challenge to the success of the research in wholesomely exploring the topic. It also requires the employment of human resources such as lab assistants which require remuneration and this could contribute to budgetary constraints apart from the fact that some of the catalysts are expensive and not easily available. Coates and Jeske (2009) in Hand of Green Chemistry discuss the evolution of epoxide-CO2 from carbon dioxide and propylene oxide under the catalysis of HÂ ­2O mixed with ZnEt2. This discovery led to a series of other chemical studies on catalysis with eventual fruitful developments inclusion the production of

Forensic Science(Subject) Study of Forensic Collection and Analysis of Research Paper

Forensic Science(Subject) Study of Forensic Collection and Analysis of Crime Scenes - Research Paper Example Physical evidence originates from objects or rather non-living things while biological evidence is obtained from living things (, 2011). Examples of biological evidence include: DNA and blood stains while physical evidence include: tire marks, footprints, paint, building materials, fibers and fingerprints. According to the Locard’s exchange, evidence is usually found at the crime scene simply because the perpetrator must always leave something behind due to contact with objects and even the victim. It should also be noted that the perpetrator is also very likely to take something away from the crime scene that will be found on him. Crime scene investigation takes place at the crime scene while forensic science happens in the laboratory. This paper highlights on the analysis, evaluation and synthesis of a crime scene in relation to an investigation. Jackson and Julie (2004) reveal that this stage takes place at the scene of the crime. The Crime Scene Investigator (CSI) is expected to take his or her time to understand the logistics of the crime. This stage entails the determination of a systematic approach that will be used to find and collect the evidence. The CSI defines the exact extent of the crime scene followed by securing the core area by placing a physical barrier. The barriers could be in the form of a scene tape, police cars, horses and even the police officers. A cone area can be defined as the most obvious area where most of the evidence can easily be traced (Jackson & Julie, 2004). The crime scene might be in a house or the even the entire neighborhood. The first chance to conduct a thorough search at the scene is very important. The next step is to obtain a search warrant from the District attorney. The CSI will be free to make an initial walk through from which he will take notes of details that are likely to change with time. These details include: time, weather, smell, sound,

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Political Parties and the Electoral Process Essay

Political Parties and the Electoral Process - Essay Example Apparently, the two major political parties receive massive support due to the ideologies (Levendusky, 2009). Consequentially, the two leading parties in the US are the democrats and the republicans. They have been dominating the political scene of the United States for years and have since amassed massive support in regard to their presidential candidates. The two parties hold contrasting views of different ideologies which receive prevalent attention. Therefore, the two parties either choose to take a liberal view of ideologies or settle on the conservative view of ideologies. The liberal view states that abortion is a legal action that is taken by women as citizens of the United States. They state that women are human beings who have the right to make decision in regard to their lives. Therefore, they have legal choice of using abortion to control their lives as it is open to all the citizens. On the other hand, the conservative view states that immorality is not acceptable (Ashbe e, 2004). As a matter of fact, they state that abortion is immoral and should be banned. In this particular view, the politicians think that abortion is an infringement of the right to life since the unborn child is a form of life. The second point of contrast is the issue of gun control (Levendusky, 2009). Gun control is a prevalent issue in the United States since many people would wish to own guns for security reasons. Since the government issues licenses for individuals owning guns, there is need to have restrictions and control on the issuance. On one side, the liberal view of ideologies states that there should be high restrictions of gun control. As such, there should be a number of laws that should restrict the ownership of guns. Inclusion of stringent laws would reduce the bizarre incidences that occur due to gun ownership. On the other hand, the conservative politicians insinuate that there should be less restriction on the gun control issue. The third issue that draws att ention in the two leading parties is the issue of taxes (Levendusky, 2009). Taxes affect all the citizens of the country and should be considered with utter keenness. On one side, the liberals think that taxes should be high and progressive. Higher taxes will give the country more revenue which will be used for development. On the other hand, the conservatives state that taxes should be lower and progress at a lower rate. This will not affect the citizens as the taxes will not have dire effect on their income. Lastly, the two political parties differ on the issue of gay marriage. For example, the liberals state that gay marriage should be legalized. On the other hand, conservative politics state that gay marriages are illegal. Key reasons why third parties have never been successful at the presidential level Though there are third parties in the United States, they do not seem to give an impressive performance in the presidential elections. This has been attributed by a number of re asons. First, the two leading parties have been clinching the presidential office. As such, the parties have had the advantage of holding the office and pushing their candidates to get a better place in the upcoming elections. On the other hand, the third parties have not had such an advantage. Secondly, the ideologies of the two leading parties are steadfast. The two leading parties take a stand in the prevalent issues in the country and expound on the strategies they will use in solving the situation. This

Event Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Event Management - Essay Example The industry has also experienced numerous world fairs visibility and major sports events, during the recent century as Goldbatt (2000) asserts. Moreover, the events industry is developing and transitioning from a growth into maturity. The economic effects of an event may differ because developed event type and the market appealed to that particular event. A scale of event has a direct correlation with the impact level. Events fixed length encourages visitors to attend. The extra experience acts as a form of indirect marketing for a region altogether. This provides a chance to grasp a market that was previously untapped. The incoming guests bring with them money, further expanding the market. Subsequently, both real and potential generation of revenue is increased. These events are an attraction that has both the power of drawing and holding. This means that they not only marshal in new tourists, but also assist to keep them in a region longer. It shows the significance of gauging the economic effects of events of tourists who specifically came to the event and those that did not stay longer because of the event. This means that they are not only ushering in new guests, but they also assist in keeping them in the region longer. Consequently, this portrays the significance of gauging the economic effect of those that come to the event and those that did not and extended their stay because of the event (Janeczko, Mules & Ritchie 2002). In addition, even though, they may have numerous other objectives, events in regional destinations aid the growth of tourism and the subsequent economic development. Traditionally, economic impact of the event industry has centered on spending of visitors and multipliers that extended this spending to other segments of the economy. They may be linked to job creation or income. Nonetheless, because of variation in formulas, the event industry has faced hitches in paralleling how they