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Entrepreneurship Step 1 Picking a Business Idea

by Carol Topp, CPA Picking a micro business idea is not difficult if you follow a guided plan. Begin by brainstorming what you already know, making sure your business idea fills an actual need. Then run your ideas past several mentors or advisers. Finally, test your idea by doing a simple market survey. Do What You Know List all your former jobs, hobbies, volunteer efforts, experiences, passions, interests, and classes you have taken. This is a brainstorming session, so put everything on the list. You can evaluate the merits of each item on the list in the next steps. Mark those areas with money-making potential. Cross off those that you do not have a passion for doing. If you cannot see yourself spending multiple hours a week on the task, cross it off. Meet a Need Make sure your business idea will fill an actual need in your area. Your idea doesn’t have to be revolutionary; it can just be a new way to do the same old jobs like cooking and cleaning. For example, Dream Dinners, the first meal-assembly franchise, was started by two busy working moms that needed an alternative to take-out food and restaurant dining. Speed Cleaning was founded by Jeff Campbell, who took a mundane chore and built a business teaching people how to clean a house quickly and get on with enjoying life. Mentor Check Take your idea list to several trusted advisers or mentors who know you well. Ask at least three people who will be helpful to you. Ask for honest feedback. You might ask an accountant, a current business owner, or a business instructor. Market Check After your brainstorming and mentor check, find a your market and ask several people their opinion on your business idea. Ask a potential customer: Would you buy this product or service? How much would you pay? Once you have chosen a business idea, you’re ready to get started! Learn more about the details of starting and running a business in my book bundle, Micro Business for Teens. Are you participating in this summer’s Entrepreneurship Contest? There is still time to pull together your work, make money this summer, and win some fantastic prizes.  Click here for details. Carol  Topp  is the author of  Starting a Micro Business, which teaches you how to lay the foundation of a successful small business. Read Step 2: Serving Your Customers  and  Step 3: Advertising Your Business.

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Dwarf Planet Pluto Facts about the Icy Former Planet - Free Essay Example

The following is an article authored by one contributor of, Charles Q. Choi on November 14, 2017. In his article, Charles explores and reports what he considers as facts about the planet Pluto. He starts by giving necessary information about the size, distance from the sun and other planets, among several different characteristics of Pluto. Charles then goes ahead to talk about the size of the planet and how it has stirred debates and attracted a lot of controversy both to the general public and the scientific community. For instance, the author first talks about how planet Pluto was initially thought to be the ninth planet and the most distant from the sun. Choi then comes on to state that more information had been discovered including the planets actual size, which was slightly wider than earlier thought, and a variety of the surface features on the planet. This information, he claims, was discovered and reported by NASA in 2015. The information written by Charles is based on a recent finding by the most proficient and skilled scientists in the world, this means that it is mostly factual although sometimes contradictive and unsure. A good example is his version of the planets formation and origin which is based on a hypothesis. A lot of theories for the same exist, but he sticks to his and believes it is accurate since it was reported by NASA. He has a perfect title for this article since most of the detailed information revolves around the title, though a bit fancy, it still fits1 the article. The facts he writes about are accurate and up-to-date according to the 2017 NASA reports. According to the reports from their research, Pluto is extremely cold with temperatures ranging from -375 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, and because of its far distance, little information is known about, they rely on pictures taken their New Horizon spacecraft. The following is a report from a similar source as Charles. Pluto remained undiscovered until the year 1930 while it orbited in the frozen and dim outlands of the solar system. Early reports from scientists had put it that the planet Plutos size was almost like that of Earth. Further and detailed research, however, proved that Pluto is only about 1473 miles, which is an equivalent of 2370 kilometers in diameter. It has a sizeable heart-shaped feature that was unofficially named Tombaugh Regio, a name obtained from that of Plutos discoverer Clyde Tombaugh (Tate). Close photos of the heart-shaped element reveal something that seems to be a craterless plain called Sputnik Planum, a name that was also given by scientists after the first-ever space satellite. Astronauts and scientists estimate that the plain, which is mostly made of frozen carbon monoxide, is less than a hundred million years old. There are visible pits and mounds on the plain and also appears to be sub-divided into several irregular polygons. The arrival of New Horizons towards Pluto revealed more detailed information that included, Pluto has a more complex surface that is varied and has more bright patches as well as dark patches. It is covered or surrounded by a thin atmosphere comprising of carbon monoxide, methane, and nitrogen. Changes in the distance of the planet Pluto from the sun determine the thickness of its atmosphere. Work cited Tate, Karl. A Dwarf Planet Oddity. (2012).

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Coffee Is The Real Coffee - 900 Words

Espresso Coffee is the Real Coffee Drinking coffee is a natural habit for any Italian person. Coffee is a strong part of our culture, and we used to drink it since we were little more than children. Usually for Italians coffee is more than something to drink because it’s an important moment in our everyday routine. In fact, we take it several times a day, even though we know that this is an unhealthy habit. This is probably the reason why we don’t see another type of coffee preparations like real coffee. Italian coffee generally called espresso, is simply the coffee, and it is better than the drip coffee because of its natural and strong taste and the fact that it contains less caffeine (â€Å"Caffeine†). Narration My personal story with coffee started when I was really young. My parents, especially my father, used to drink coffee every morning at home. So it was only a matter of time till I was curious to try it out. At first, I have to admit I found it disgusting. This was probably because, as my father said, of my young age. Children are more sensitive towards strong flavors, and at that time its bitterness really made me feel sick. For several years after that experience I ignored coffee as an ailment, and I would eat cereal in the morning. However, this situation ended when I was twelve years old. Some of my friends were drinking coffee at that age, and that was considered something cool, something for a true man. So for these childish reasons I decided to give it aShow MoreRelatedEssay about Starbucks Strategy874 Words   |  4 Pagesdifferentiation strategy was exemplified by their stores providing an experience, offering interesting coffee-related drinks in a theatrical kind of atmosph ere, their unique Coffee blending and roasting process which enabled them to create an extensive product variety, their employees received great deal of training to become very knowledgeable about coffee in order to provide an exceptional service to increasingly coffee-educated consumers, and their ability to find the perfect location for their stores enabledRead MoreQuality And Quality Management System Essay1530 Words   |  7 PagesManagement Topic: Quality Espresso Coffee Prof: Ray Ninow Name: Raghavendra .s Batch: 132 Student ID: 20140724 Words Count: My company name z energy (Royal Oak) a) Prepare a simple Quality manual for the coffee bar to define how quality of the espresso coffee will be managed. 1). Quality management responsibilitiesRead MoreEconomics of Starbucks1252 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction The purpose of this paper is to connect and apply economic theories and concepts to real–life situations in the competitive market. Specifically, the paper will examine a CBC News article, ‘Starbucks Gives Its Prices a Jolt’ from 2006, which states Starbucks coffees and whole beans prices are increasing by 1.9% and 3.9%, respectively. Why is the price of a cup of Starbucks coffee rising? The CBC News article quotes the Starbucks spokeswoman who explains, â€Å"the company decidedRead MoreIllycaffe case summary1224 Words   |  5 PagesItaly, illycaffe produces and markets a unique blend of espresso coffee under a single brand leader in quality. Over 6 million cups of illy espresso coffee are enjoyed every day. illy is sold in over 140 countries around the world and is available in more than 50,000 of the best restaurants and coffee bars. illycaffe employs around 700 people and has consolidated turnover of EUR 246 million.(2006 results) illy buys green coffee directly from the growers of the highest quality Arabica throughRead MoreThe Coffee Crisis1069 Words   |  5 PagesYoung To begin, The Coffee Crisis is about an acute coffee crisis and how it threatens millions of small coffee farmers around the world and is putting economic growth, as well as social and political stability, at risk in scores of coffee producing countries in Central and South America, Africa and Asia. In 2004, the governments of coffee producing countries were considering how to respond to the dramatic decline in coffee prices caused in part by a large increase in coffee production in BrazilRead MoreStarbucks New Products978 Words   |  4 PagesStarbucks has always made their coffee available at home. They were presently offering their coffee beans for home brewing; sells premixed bottled frappuccinos; and recently started selling Via which is instant Starbucks coffee. So, being able to brew Starbucks’ coffee at home isn’t a new concept. However, now Starbucks has an added twist with its new top notch coffee system, the Verismo. The Verismo is in alignment with Sta rbucks’ commitment to bring exceptional coffee and espresso beverages to theirRead MoreGap Analysis : Starbucks s Outsourcing Essay809 Words   |  4 Pagesworld logistic in one system.1. Planning group simplify the job into basic supply chain functions, reorganized the supply chain by separate it in two parts: coffee and non-coffee. 2. Understand the existed contractsï ¼Å'break down the purchase price by ingredient.3.Build up should cost models help in negotiate better transport price.4.Operate coffee plants in different areas, in order to reduce the deliver fee. Operating expenses increase because of spread production in a wide rage, leads the cost inRead MoreEssay on Fair Trade Coffee772 Words   |  4 PagesFair Trade Coffee Fair Trade promotes socially and environmentally sustainable techniques and long-term relationships between producers, traders and consumers The world coffee industry is in crisis. A flood of cheap, lower-quality coffee beans have pushed world market prices down to a 30-year low. Many now earn less for their crop than it cost them to grow. Many coffee farmers around the world receive market payments that are lower than the costs of productionRead MoreSustainable Income From Offshore Sustainable Agriculture1499 Words   |  6 PagesOFFSHORE SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE Here at International Coffee Farms we believe that owning sustainable offshore agriculture for a long-term sustainable income is the†¦ â€Å"Opportunity of the Decade† For almost 3 years now we have been putting our money where our mouth is†¦since the summer of 2012 until April 2014 as consultants to a developing coffee farming enterprise in Colombia, and since June of 2014 as Principals in our own specialty coffee farms here in Boquete, Panama. The notion that investingRead MoreStarbucks Srategy913 Words   |  4 Pagesdifferentiation strategy was exemplified by their stores providing an experience, offering interesting coffee-related drinks in a theatrical kind of atmosphere, their unique Coffee blending and roasting process which enabled them to create an extensive product variety, their employees received great deal of training to become very knowledgeable about coffee in order to provide an exceptional service to increasingly coffee-educated consumers, and their ability to find the perfect location for their stores enabled

Cultural Theory And Popular Culture - 1578 Words

PART TWO After reading chapters 1 through 4 of Cultural Theory and Popular Culture, my understanding of the core ideas presented by John Storey begin with his attempt to map â€Å"out the general conceptual landscape of popular culture† (Storey, pg. 1). He does this by breaking down the term â€Å"popular culture† with other surrounding key terms. I know that popular culture cannot be easily defined or explained, since it is â€Å"a melting pot of confused and contradictory meanings capable of misdirecting inquiry up any number of theoretical blind alley† (Storey, pg. 1) as Tony Bennett states. In order for me to grasp the idea behind popular culture, I must look at culture as a whole by formulating what I think are the core ideas presented in each†¦show more content†¦Upon further reflection, I came to believe Storey’s claim as I see my favourite genre of music, â€Å"hip-hop,† which is a form of popular culture, as a site of rebellion and criticism of the dominant ideology within capitalist society. For the most part, hip-hop has been requested and watered down in terms of lyrics by mainstream society. However, in its earlier years, many of the rappers were vilified for the highly confrontational and political statements in their music. What I do know about this reading is that, despite popular culture’s counter-hegemonic capabilities, it all too frequently plays a role of democratic propaganda. As a reader, I am able explore the landscape of popular culture where I can analyze with my own theories and explanations through the observations of other theorists and their ideologies regarding what popular culture means. I also agree with Karl Marx’s formulation of ideology and society in which he suggests, â€Å"the way a society organizes the means of its economic production will have a determining effect on the type of culture that society produces or makes possible† (Storey, pg. 4). This statemen t was evident in the documentary I watched in class, â€Å"Soul Food Junkies† (Hurt, 2012), which explores how the conditions of black people shaped the ideologies that eventually became their cultural identity. This is also relevant in chapter 2 that focuses on powerful minorities and the hegemonic attempts â€Å"to

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Community Counseling Case Study - 990 Words

Following the initial evaluation, the student reported a worsening of symptoms, prompting the integrated health counselor to collaboratively work with various clinicians to determine the appropriate diagnosis to begin individual counseling. During the course of the student’s treatment (i.e. one academic year), he engaged in relationships with numerous counselors, clinicians, and physicians. Mostly, the treatment plan consisted of mindfulness-based cognitive therapy sessions. Upon completion of the study, the student reported that the work of the physician and behavioral health specialists created an environment in which he felt he was part of a team for managing his mental health concerns (Tucker et al., 2008). According to Tucker et al.†¦show more content†¦Implementing models of integrated care is a development that has sparked change in community settings across the United States. This trend has generated research that entails carrying out similar systems within co llege health centers. Evaluating the need for developing an integrated care model in this type of setting was conducted in a study, proposed by Alschuler, Hoodin, and Byrd in 2008. Their study explored the potential need for implementing an integrated care model in a Midwest University Health Center. Alschuler, Hoodin, and Byrd (2008), investigated the need for implementing an integrated care model, by disseminating two behavioral health questionnaires to 200 participants. Participants comprised of both patients and medical care providers. The behavioral health questionnaires were influenced by prescriptions of psychotropic medications and referrals for behavioral health treatments. The fundamental questions raised in this research were 1) to what extent are college healthcare providers recognizing psychological problems and 2) how does this change their intervention recommendations (Alschuler, Hoodin, Byrd, 2008)? The primary hypothesis of this study was to determine if addi ng a brief psychological screen would increase the detection of behavioral health problems and subsequentlyShow MoreRelatedChildhood Obesity Has Reached Global Epidemic Status1297 Words   |  6 Pagesmethodologies for successful prevention and control. Several studies have explored such interventions during well-care visits and coordinated approaches in school environments and within the community at large. Well-care visits provide a good opportunity for nurse practitioners and primary care providers to diagnose childhood obesity and educate children and their parents on treatment. Interventions during well-care visits A research study in seven rural California clinics sought to explore the clinicalRead MoreThe Advocacy For Lgbt Community1380 Words   |  6 Pagesof the importance of the topic The topic on the advocacy for LGBT community in schools among the student community is very important. In most cases the advocates of LGBTs have tried to persuade schools to improve their environment. Usually the school environment significantly determines whether the climate in the school is healthy and appropriate for LGBT students to learn in (Goldberg and Allen, 2013). Advocating for this community therefore means that school administrators are likely to adopt ignoredRead MoreWorking With Community College Students812 Words   |  4 PagesApplicability Working with Community College Having my future sights at working with first generation college students, I saw the applicability of constructivist theory in the combine use of solution focused and narrative therapy in servicing such a diverse group of students. Constructivist theory as a whole is applicable with addressing diverse issues surrounding culture, gender, and social context that influence career choices that are unique to a client when compared with others. Through a recentRead MoreEssay On The Increase Of Disease Among Drug Users1556 Words   |  7 Pageswithout the requirement of an exchange. These programs also offered a variety of other services in addition to syringe exchange, including HIV/AIDS education and counseling, condom distribution, substance abuse, medical treatment referrals, or other social service referrals, distribution of alcohol swabs, on-site HIV testing and counseling, screening for other infections, and some primary medical services. It has been reported that NEPs have had sign ificant positive effects on preventing adverse healthRead MoreCae Study1207 Words   |  5 PagesCase Study Liberty University Multicultural Issues in Human Services – HSER 509 Dr. Katz December 2, 2012 CLIENT AND CULTURE In this case study I will explore certain possible dynamics related to culture and ethnicity that have been reported in relation to the psychology of Mexican Americans as well as other immigrant communities. Cristal is a 16-year-old Mexican American female. Cristal seems to be experiencing some distressRead MoreDeveloping a Counseling Plan1701 Words   |  7 PagesDeveloping a Counseling Plan Genna Bovinet Walden University Counseling and Psychotherapy Theories Coun 6722-18 Developing a Counseling Plan This paper focuses on a case study of famous actor/musician, Mark Wahlberg. Mark Wahlberg began a life of juvenile crime at age ten that culminated in his attempted murder arrest, and subsequent prison sentence, at the age of 16. The paper will explore his early life and family issues leading to his delinquent behavior as well as counseling theories and interventionsRead MoreWhy Psychology Is The Choose Therapy For The Case Essay896 Words   |  4 PagesThis case study includes 3 articles to support why Indvidual Psychology is the choose therapy for the case. The first article â€Å"The Science of Self-Help : Translating Positive Psychology Research Into Increased Individual Happiness† Reviews behavior interventions that are implemented to encourage and enforce mobile treatment such as internet for clients that assist with depression as well as increase being happy and an individuals well-being. This model would be cost effective as well as offer resourcesRead MoreAssisted L iving Community : Betty Jo1708 Words   |  7 Pages Betty Jo reluctantly made the decision to move to an assisted living community, due to high pressure from her healthcare providers and family. She is an 85 years old and a widow of 3 years from her beloved husband of over 50 years. Her husband made sure his financial affairs were in order before his death, and thus managed to provide financial comfort and security for Betty Jo. She has two children, both live out of state. Her daughter Karen, has two adolescent children, and visits her mother onceRead MoreEthical Issues Faced By Counselors Supervisors, Trainers, And The Educators Essay1205 Words   |  5 PagesIn the process of counseling clinics, several interactions occurs between the counselor supervisors, trainers and the educators. For a meaningful and professional way of offering counseling services there should be clearly defined boundaries between the three classes. There is stipulated code of ethics which provides the above guidelines. In this case study there are a number of ethical issues that were not addressed when handling the client. These ethical issues outlined in section f of ACA’s guidelinesRead MoreThe Ethical Issues Of Cultural Competence1406 Words   |  6 Pageswe will be using the â€Å"Course Case Study† to describe the ethical issues to cultural competence, we will look at the influence of personal values related to the diversity issues, how they come to exist in the handling the situation (Argosy University, 2014). Using the ACA and APA ethical codes, we find the recommendations that would arise from these. At the end, we will apply specific ethical principles that appear in this study and in the counselors own counseling sessions with clients. Using

Humanity of the Primitive in Heart of Darkness, Dialect...

Humanity of the Primitive in Heart of Darkness, Dialect of Modernism and Totem and Taboo The ways in which a society might define itself are almost always negative ways. We are not X. A society cannot exist in a vacuum; for it to be distinct it must be able to define itself in terms of the other groups around it. These definitions must necessarily take place at points of cultural contact, the places at which two societies come together and arrive at some stalemate of coexistence. For European culture of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries this place of contact—this new culture by which to define itself—came from Africa, from those primitive cultures whose society was being studied and in some ways appreciated†¦show more content†¦The European mind at the fringes of civilisation, when confronted with this Otherness, cannot settle on one or the other of these alternatives. European reactions to other cultures tend to oscillate between these two poles, and thus the same culture can seem simple, authentic, concrete, or, on the other hand, odd, uncanny, and arbitrary (ibid.). While this paradigm of shifting viewpoints is exemplified by Marlow in Joseph Conrads Heart of Darkness, it seems to find its resolution in Sigmund Freuds assertion that in many ways the modern man is the primitive man. Marlows oscillation between viewpoints is almost startling in its rapidity. On his very first meeting with the natives of the Congo, he swings from one pole to the other in only a few sentences: They shouted, sang; their bodies streamed with perspiration; they had faces like grotesque masks—these chaps; but they had bone, muscle, a wild vitality, an intense energy of movement that was as natural and true as the surf along the coast. They wanted no excuse for being there. They were a great comfort to look at. (Conrad, 17) So in the space of three sentences, the natives go from being grotesque masks to chaps who were as natural and true as the surf along the coast. Marlow is having a great deal of trouble making up his mind over the Africans, and he never really comes to any conclusion. While he is staying in the down river station, Marlow

Financial Structure Of The Company

Question: Describe about the Financial Structure Of The Company for Analysis? Answer: Introduction The financial statement is a statement that represents the detail Financial Structure Of The Company. The information that is derived from the financial report is helpful for all the stakeholders and other people who have some interest in the organization. Users of the information can be segregated into two categories- external users and the internal users. The external users include potential investors, government, and suppliers customer. On the other hand, internal users are the managers, employees, and shareholders. There are obviously some other users, but here only six main users are taken into the consideration. Two companies are selected here the Next Plc and the Debenhams Plc. Both are belonging to the retail sectors and listed on the London Stock Exchange. The main objective of conducting this study is to make a detailed analysis of the financial statement of both the companies and to understand how the financial statement is helping the users to take their investment decis ions (Lunt, 2008). Company Overview Debenhams Plc was introduced in the year 1813. There was already an existing company created by William Clark, and the new company was formed when William Debenhams invested in that company. This company is now operating almost 27 countries covering 240 cities around the world. Some of their competitors are Tesco, Sainsbury, and Wal-Mart, etc. They provide an exclusive collection of their brands and ensure a better customer satisfaction (McLeod, MacDonell Doolin, 2007). Next plc is one of the reputed companies among the group of plcs belonging to the retail sector. The company was incorporated in the year 1982. The company is having a large collection of women wear and accessories. They have supplied the official clothing to the Paralympic and Olympic games in 2012. Currently, they are providing services to almost four million consumers, and their business is mainly done through online (Lynch Gregor, 2004) : (, 2012). Use of financial information Before conducting the financial analysis, some relevant information is execrated and calculated from the annual reports of both the companies and the overall calculation is based on the ratios. The useful ratios are presented below: Ratio analysis ( all in ) Debenhams Plc Next Plc 2014 2013 2012 2014 2013 2012 Liquidity Ratios Current assets 486.3 470.5 459.5 1468.1 1207.8 1139.9 Current liabilities 758 741.9 727 834.5 816 742.4 Current Ratio 0.641556728 0.634182504 0.6320495 1.75925704 1.480147059 1.535425647 Quick assets 140.6 112.6 127.2 1082.5 876 768 Quick Liabilities 534.2 506 563.6 831.9 810.6 734.8 Quick Ratio 0.263197304 0.222529644 0.225692 1.30123813 1.080680977 1.045182363 Efficiency ratio Receivables 74.7 78.3 75.4 808 718.1 699.1 Revenue 2312.7 2282.2 2229.8 3740 3562 3441.1 Receivable turnover 30.95983936 29.14687101 29.572944 4.628712871 4.960311934 4.922185667 Receivable collection period 11.78946686 12.52278503 12.342363 78.85561497 73.58408198 74.15404958 Inventories 345.7 357.9 332.3 385.6 331.8 371.9 Cost of goods sold 2033.4 1982.6 1927.5 2499.9 2437 2395.8 Inventory turnover 5.881978594 5.539536183 5.8004815 6.483143154 7.344786016 6.442054316 Inventory Turnover period 62.05394905 65.88999294 62.925811 56.29985199 49.69511695 56.65894482 payables 529.3 545.8 525.4 594 537.2 545 Cost of goods sold 2033.4 1982.6 1927.5 2499.9 2437 2395.8 Payable payment turnover 3.841677688 3.632466105 3.6686334 4.208585859 4.53648548 4.395963303 Payable payment period 95.01057342 100.4826995 99.492088 86.7274691 80.45876077 83.03072043 EBIT 118.8 149.9 170.1 720.5 690.9 604.7 Interest 13 10.9 11.8 25.3 24.4 25.2 Interest Coverage Ratio 9.138461538 13.75229358 14.415254 28.47826087 28.31557377 23.99603175 Equity 764.4 744.4 661 286.2 285.6 222.7 Total asset 2148.4 2132.8 2091.2 2144.6 1893.6 1854.2 Equity Gearing ratio 0.355799665 0.349024756 0.3160865 0.133451459 0.150823828 0.120105706 Total asset 2148.4 2132.8 2091.2 2144.6 1893.6 1854.2 Revenue 2312.7 2282.2 2229.8 3740 3562 3441.1 Asset Turnover Ratio 1.076475517 1.070048762 1.0662777 1.743914949 1.881073088 1.855840794 Debt 623 646.5 703.2 1023.9 792 889.1 Equity 767.4 744.4 661 286.2 285.6 16623 Debt Equity ratio 0.811832161 0.868484686 1.0638427 3.577568134 2.773109244 0.053486134 Profitability Ratios Gross Profit 279.3 299.6 302.3 1240 1125 1045.3 Revenue 2312.7 2282.2 2229.8 3740 3562.8 3441.1 Gross profit ratio 12.1% 13.1% 13.6% 33.2% 31.6% 30.4% Operating profit 128.6 155.4 175 722.8 695.1 601.8 Revenue 2312.7 2282.2 2229.8 3740 3562.8 3441.1 Operating Profit Ratio 5.6% 6.8% 7.8% 19.3% 19.5% 17.5% Net Profit 87.2 115.9 125.3 553.2 508.6 474.8 Revenue 2312.7 2282.2 2229.8 3740 3562.8 3441.1 Net Profit Ratio 3.8% 5.1% 5.6% 14.79% 14.28% 13.80% (Hernes Sobieska-Karpińska, 2015) Payment of dividend (extracted from cash flow) (all amounts are in $) Debenhams Plc Next Plc 2014 2013 2012 2014 2013 2012 Dividend 41.7 41.4 38.5 164.8 147.7 135.1 Note: The latest year is taken 2014 as for the year 2015 no full information is available. External users: 1. Potential investors Potential investors are those persons who are willing to invest in the organization. They are the future investors. Sometimes they knew as the lender of the organization like banks, financial institutions, etc. The main information that is needed by these users is the financial stability of the company and their growth structure. The financial stability can be ascertained through the profitability ratios and with some of the efficiency ratios. They also keep a track on the liquidity balances. Now if the above two companies are taken into consideration, then it can be found that the interest coverage ratio in Next Plc is more than the Debenhams, and it is increasing. More ratios mean more ability to pay the interest obligation. Now if the investors are willing to invest in the fixed capital of the company, then the Next plc will be safer than the Debenhams (, 2013). On the other hand, the debt equity ratio also is more in case of Next plc it implies that they have more de pendency on debt capital than the equity capital. From the view point of the liquidity Next plc is more suitable than the other one as both the current ratio and quick ratio is more, but the analysis of the cash flow statement of both the companies for the year 2014 reveled that Debenhams Plc repaid their loan obligation in order to reduce their financial burden. This may be helpful for the lenders when they approved the loan for the organizations (Duque, 2009).The investor may also have to follow the trend of both the business whether it is increasing and static. All this information may useful for him at the time of selecting his investment option (, 2012). 2. Government Any economy of the country is regulated by the government of the respective country. They need the financial information in order to know the contraction or expansion of the business, their taxation policy, labour laws etc. Moreover with the introduction of the corporate governance policies it is the responsibility of the government to make supervision regarding the fulfillment of compliances. Here both the companies are paying their tax obligations in time and effectively follow the rules and regulations of corporate governance (, 2013). 3. Suppliers and customers Suppliers and the customers are those parties who purchases or sells their products to and from the company. They are not much interested to know the profitability of the company; they give more focus on the receivable, payable and inventory management policy. As in case of above two companies the receivable management policy is better in case of Debenhams, they collected the dues from their debtors at a frequency of 11-12 days where as the Next plc collected their dues at an interval of 78 days. The payable and inventory management policy is almost in a static position for the company. So if a customer wants to get more credit facility then they should have invested in Next Plc (2013). Internal users: 4. Managers Managers are the main internal users of the information. They are the persons who take the decisions and formulate policies based on the information. For example the net profit ratio of Debenhams is in decreasing trend which is not a good sign of profitability. Managers can use this information to find out the reason behind it and as it is observed that one of the main reasons is the enhancement of the operating costs. So the management has to give focus to eliminate some part of the operating cost in order to improve its net profit. Without the financial information it is not possible for the management to maximize the profit (Allan, 2008). 5. Shareholders Shareholders are the person who makes an investment in the equity share of the company. They are the owner of the organization. They are always concern to know that how the managers are utilizing their money into the operation of the business. They give more emphasis on the profitability and liquidity portion rather than solvency and other management policies. The dividend policy of an organization has an important impact on the share price of the organization. If the amount of dividend is acceptable by the shareholders it will increase their confidence about the company as a result the share price goes up. For both the companies the amount of dividend payment is increasing but in case of Next Plc the growth rate is higher than the Debenhams. On the other hand Debenhams increases their dividend payment a bit in the year 2014 compared to the previous years in spite of having a declining net profit ratio. This situation implies that the company may pay a portion of their dividend from the retain earnings. If this is the case then it will not be a preferable condition for the shareholders. Ultimately the shareholders goal is to maximize their wealth by getting a good amount of dividend and the capital appreciation. So they can select the option of retaining or selling the ownership on the basis of the financial information provided. (, 2014). 6. Employees Employees are the main human assets of any organization. They need the financial information to depict the present as well as the future prospective of the company. The information will help them in taking decision regarding their continuation with the organization. Apart from their salaries they sometimes get different benefit options and can participate in the decision making process. ESOP is one of the schemes which allow the employees to purchase shares of the company at a lower cost. All this benefit can only be given if the company is in a stage of higher profitability. So the employees are also getting concern about the profitability and the solvency position of the company in order to ensure their benefit. Conclusion From the view point of the above discussion it can be said that the financial information is very useful in each and every single segment of an organization. It is very difficult to say that which part of the information is useful for which users. In the practical world when a person is engaged with an organization or he is willing to engage then all the information which is disclosed by the organization is equally important for him. Say for a creditor it is not enough for him to know that the company is having a good payable policy (, 2014). It is one of the factors that he can focus but it will not be wise to be totally dependent on the factor. So it can be concluded that the financial information are very much useful for all the users in order to create a healthy relationship with the organization (Coskun Grabowski, 2005). 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